Twenty years. That’s how long Valka went without human contact. Likely the only humans she saw in that time were from a distance, or when she interfered with trappers like Eret. She spent twenty years fearing what would happen if word made it to Berk that she was alive and they…

This is Berk. It snows nine months of the year, and hails the other three. Any food that grows here is tough and tasteless; the people that grow here are even more so. The only upsides are the pets. While other places have ponies, or parrots, we have…dragons.

D.Gray-man Trio

You can see where Hiccup gets his awkwardness from.




well then, that was a really good talk with hiccup i’ll just go home and reflect on how much progress we’ve made today—




oh gods


dear odin


it’s okay no one will see all the things i just knocked over



This post is my favorite.

-I know. Why are you whispering?

-Why aren’t YOU whispering?


Cosplayer:  Tham
Photographer: BGZ Studios


Okay, I have spent probably most of my time looking at all of Hiccup posters where ever I go. I know, it’s probably an obsession, but I feel the need to explain. 

Dreamworks probably worked very hard in creating the new design for Hiccup. His older character looks very well thought-out, and it looks like he went through some fazes as well. 

In the first picture, you see an early design. Hiccup’s hair is longer and not as bushy. His flight suit is also a bit different, with more straps and rings, no collar and it has more of a brown color. His look seems to have a more younger mellow look that says “I’m ready for the world.”

In the second picture, you see that he looks more like the Hiccup in the movies. Since I have a 4 foot foster in my room with that same picture that I sometimes spend hours looking at, I have been able to see some differences. His jaw is a little more narrow and less wide, like it was in the first movie. (This might be because his head is tilted at a certain angle, but I’m going with my theory.) His hair is also a little more bushy at the top. If you look at his right shoulder armor, you can see that it doesn’t have the same gash through it, like the next two pictures have. This look says, “I’m going for it.” and shows his fearless side.

In the third one, Hiccup seems to have more of a mature look, and it also seems to show the confidence and determination he has. This might be because the creators wanted to show people that he has grown. His hair is slightly longer, and while his is wide, his chin looks thicker. 

The last one, shows Hiccup in the movie. His hair looks to be even (and marvelous) and it still has the basic design as the others. His jaw is wide, but his chin is narrow, and equips his flight suit completely. His suit also has the stains of Toothless’s saliva XD During the movie, he seems to have all of the characteristics I mentioned above, being grown up while still being our little Hiccup, trying to find who he is, similar to the first movie.

Nonetheless, I all of his designs are beautiful. It makes me wonder how much hard work his creatures put in to please us fans. From my point of view, it looks like they wanted him to have the same Hiccup look like in the first movie, yet look older and have his own flair from all the years he grown up. His appearance also symbolizes his character development. They did a wonderful job, and it all payed off. The movie was a success, and everybody loves Hiccup.  


"We’ll unlock every mystery, find every last species together! As mother and son.”

"I was so afraid of becoming my father, mostly because I thought
I couldn't. Because how could you become someone that great,
that brave, that selfless? I guess you just have to try."




I feel like I have the power to accomplish anything when I listen to the HTTYD2 soundtrack

Same until it gets to Stoick’s Ship



Oh hiccup!

Look at the real life hiccup!
Won an international cosplay event congratulations LIUI AQUINO!!

We Filipinos liked and admired you for this.. And again congratulations!!

(look at those cute night furies :-P)